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Our 2014 - 2015 Season Comes to an End...

The 2014 - 2015 SDCBL Tournament was filled with outstanding games!  Our compliments and thanks to all teams for a great season!


We have played all the games and have our champions for each divison:


  • D1- 5/6 Division: #2 Newberry
  • D2- Girls 7/8 Divison: #3 Tummins
  • D3- Boys 7/8 Division: #2 Franklin
  • D4- Girls 9/11 Division: #2 Shelton
  • D5- Boys 9/10 Division: #1 Roth
  • D6- Girls 12/15 Division: #2 Talley
  • D7- Boys 11/13 Division: #1 Lankford
  • D8- Boys 14/17 Division: #1 Buckner


Congratulations to our champions, and to all teams, on a well played tournament!

SDCBL YouTube Channel

Back in Week 2, we started bringing you at least one video highlight each week.  You can find all of those videos at the SDCBL YouTube Channel.


Head over and relive our regular season.  Subscribe to our channel and you'll receive an email whenever we upload any new video- such as those we will be uploading from this past weekend's tournament action.


Enjoy the videos- and don't forget our photo galleries!  Download the pictures and print them.  They are suitable for framing!


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