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Schedules and Standings Now Available...

The Schedules and Standings pages have been opened for the 2014 - 2015 season via the menu links above.  If you would like a team-specific schedule, you can click on a team's name from any screen and you'll get the full schedule (locations, times, opponents and results) for that team.  That page can be bookmarked and the link shared with friends and family.


On the Schedule and Standings pages, you'll also see that the team colors have also been set for the upcoming season.


Finally, we've added a schedule widget to the bottom of the home page to always show the schedule for the next gameday.  First gameday on the list- Saturday, Janurary 3rd.


Work Hard Be Humble Elite Training

For those coaches that attended the SDCBL Coaches Clinic on 11/15, hosted by DCHS Coach Jason Tigert, you all got to meet and work with the team from WHBH Elite Training and Coach Tigert.


It was an outstanding clinic and JP from WHBH offers additional training opportunities via their website.  Click on over to schedule additional training sessions with the WHBH team.


South Dickson County Basketball League

Character - Sportsmanship - Respect

South Dickson County Basketball League
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